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דשאLocation: Nir Yitzhak is situated in the Habsor area of the Eshkol Regional Council (Western Negev).

: The kibbutz has 262 members and candidates, 80 children, 17 soldiers, 10 parents of members and more... 
in total about 513 people.

: Nir Yitzhak accepts new members of young people and families in the age group 25 to 45. There is also a possibility to join the kibbutz on the "Residence towards Joining" route. This route is intended for the mutual meeting of the potential new members and the existing community, and is limited to a maximum of 3 years residency. For more information on absorption (in Hebrew) click here

Primary Kibbutz branches
Agriculture: Agricultural Partnership, Kerem Shalom – Nir Yitzhak – Potatoes, Carrots, Radishes, Peanuts, Flower Bulbs, Wheat. Dairy herd and Chickens.
Industry: Chemada – Fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry.
Entrepreneur: On the kibbutz there are a number of individual entrepreneur activities in various areas such as ceramics, architecture, graphic design etc.
Outside work: Many members work outside the kibbutz itself in their various professions.

: Nir Yitzhak is blessed with a good horticultural department which expresses itself around the kibbutz giving a "Green" look to the kibbutz. The residential neighborhoods are in the safe open living area (free of cars), surrounded by grass, trees and birds.

Usual modes of transport
: Bicycles, electric mobility scooters and on foot.

: On Nir Yitzhak there is a well developed education system which includes facilities for babies, through pre-nursery, nursery and centers for all ages up to and including sixth grade. There are also organized activities, lead by youth leaders, for the youth group from seventh to twelfth grade during the whole year.

Children's Farm
: Close to the children's house area there is a large, active "Children's Farm". The "Children's Farm" is operated with the help of the children and assists the education system to extend the connection between the children and the animals. It includes a riding stable giving riding classes to the children and youths of the kibbutz.

Dining room
: Three meals a day are served, including special meals for the Friday and Holiday eves. The weekly menu is displayed on the kibbutz web site for the convenience of the diners.

: At Nir Yitzhak there is a rich cultural life. Israeli Holidays are celebrated communally in kibbutz tradition. Every Friday evening in the summer there is an open 'Café', 'Bar Mitzvahs' are celebrated together and more. All these are organized utilising local talent. Also other cultural evenings are organized based on external shows. 

  • Sport: The members have available the use of basketball, tennis, football and skateboard courts, and outdoor exercise equipment. During the swimming season a half size Olympic pool is open every day.
  • 'CafeIn': Every Thursday evening a Tel Aviv style café with delicious cakes, ice cream, milk shakes, good coffee, tea and so forth. This café has been designed by the local ladies and is very popular with the young and old alike for a pleasant nice time.
  • Member's Clubroom: The clubroom is for the use of the members and the kibbutz and is where the kibbutz meetings are held along with various other activities such as talks and the showing of films on a big screen. The clubroom is also available for members for private functions (birthdays, brits and so forth).
  • 'Bardo': Local pub-club opens on Friday evenings for those young in mind. This is also available to members for private functions (the drinks are sold at cost).

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